Medical Finance, LLC purchases AR directly from hospitals with trauma units. Your facility no longer need concern itself with sitting on what are often large bills for months or years. Medical Finance will purchase those accounts which meet its criteria. If the case qualifies it is purchased from the hospital at our pre determined contracted rate and the bill is paid within days, not years.

The hospital also benefits in many instances when one of these accepted cases needs further surgery performed, Medical Finance can make arrangements to have that future surgery performed at the hospital, at the contracted rate. This is new found business that the hospital would not otherwise have seen.

Working with Medical Finance, LLC is a tremendous benefit to your hospital
  • The hospital can now spend less time and energy chasing ER patients for payment by allowing Medical Finance to purchase qualified cases and pay the hospital at the contracted rate immediately.

  • The hospital benefits by getting surgical patient's surgeries performed at their facility. A contract with Medical Finance will provide surgeons the facility they need to perform their surgeries on a lien basis where the hospital gets paid within days of the surgery being performed. Once again, this is business the hospital otherwise would not have received.

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