Medical Finance eliminates all the hassle. We send physicians only qualified patients. This assures that you receive prompt payment for personal injury accident victims without insurance or the means to pay.

As a Medical Finance physician you can expect:
  • Pre-qualified patients that have passed our extensive background check
  • A professionally trained staff that will thoroughly review every case—freeing up your all ready over burdened staff and eliminating any risk to you at no extra cost
  • Total control of all treatments and no managed care restrictions. Patients are able to get the full necessary treatments and follow-up care that you prescribe.
  • Medical Finance will purchase all liens with prior authorization. We provide all our services on a lien basis
  • You and the patient have a positive and hassle-free experience from their first office visit through the final settlement of their case
  • A monthly update for all patients we authorize
  • Increased revenue and no bad debt

We Can Help You

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